This is 34

Another year around the sun in a blink of an eye.

I remember going into this year hopeful, optimistic and open. I know I may not talk about everything on here – but with multiple miscarriages, parents in and out of the hospital, a sister across the country and major friend break-ups it’s been a challenge here and there for sure. Life isn’t perfect as little squares imply.

If there’s anything I’m learning more about myself and this single life I’ve been given it’s to cherish it, live it and focus on what’s important.

With another baby boy on the way, a 5 year wedding anniversary in a couple weeks and a sister moving home before Christmas – I’d say I’ve got it all. Thirty-three wasn’t bad, in fact I learned a lot – from taking better care of myself, being present, being OPEN and adapting to work changes and new challenges it’s all part of this journey. My journey. 

I can already tell thirty-four is going to be a BIG year for me though and my swelling heart just can’t wait for all that life has to offer.


photos: abby cox // dress c/o doen


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