OH Another baby BOY

That’s right – turns out I’m supposed to have boys. I typically had more boy friends than girl friends growing up so it actually seems fitting.

We’re all pretty stoked to have another dude running around – Hudson loves his cousins so much, so the idea of him getting his own best friend (finally!) makes me BEAM.

We found out pretty early with this little guy that he was going to be a boy. Just like Hudson at our 12 week sonogram, the tech could make him out. We confirmed both with the genetic blood test – BOYS indeed.

With the journey we’ve had we honestly didn’t care either way and it is a bit of a relief to have another boy join the mix because truth be told, we have everything we need. I can’t wait to go through Hudson’s things and re-use a bunch of stuff and get even more sentimental value out of them.

I mean, of course the kid will get new things (just not a new crib or dresser or bassinet etc.) and we have grandparents and really cool aunts to spoil him newness.

For you mamas with second kiddos – what thing was critical? Was it a sling or baby rocker? Tell me, please.

ps. sonogram print is from @babyblueprint (loveeee them!) 


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