Birthday Papa!

It’s this man’s birthday and he’s all tied up at home with a brand new knee!

I’m SO proud of him for taking the leap and going through something so difficult for the long term gain. We all know he’s a go getter, a doer and a guy that can’t just sit around. He’s on the floor with Hudson playing with cars, he works really long days/hours and the guy never quits. He wants to be out on the boat, at the science center or zoo or wherever to just be with us.

DAD – you are SO loved and we’re happy to celebrate YOU being another year older because hey “every day above ground is a good day.”

Living is far better than the alternative and you’re doing your best to make these next 25 something to live for. Thank you for showing me that getting old isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, for being real and honest but also for doing something about it. Oh and for turning everything into a SONG.

Happiest of birthday’s PAPA – you deserve the moon!




  1. Seems like I coild go through eternity to be with you all. I was blessed today I had you and your sister and family

  2. Love that man. Happy Birthday buddy. Hope it was great.Hope to see you soon when you’re ready for friends to stop by.

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