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1 // Letterfolk CARDS

How cute and adorable are these? I love how you can totally make them your own. Brilliant. I’ll be buying a bunch! Cute for invites, too.

2 // Jeni’s Almond Milk Cortado

Always on the hunt for a non-dairy ice cream that will knock my socks off. I’m hoping to give this one a try! Has anyone tried it yet!?

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3 // “I Quit Facebook”

One of my favorites, Erin Loechner, did post recently about how/why she quit Facebook. All of it rings true to me and I find myself on the regular thinking about doing the same thing.

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4 // All The Greek Food

Been loving all the Mediterranean flavors as of late. Gimme all the dill, onion, grilled chicken and chick peas!

5 // Record Their Growth

Before Hudson was born I had this idea of measuring his height on an ore. I got it at some huge flea market and loved the idea we could take it where ever we went incase we moved. Needless to say, I have all his heights recorded on an app on my phone but that’s it. I love the idea of this thing being in his room so he can see just HOW BIG this sweet boy is getting.

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