Holy Guacamole ET is Thirty!

So hard to believe that my LITTLE sister is thirty today. We had a little party before she went back west to celebrate and I’m so glad we did!


It honestly doesn’t feel that long ago when I was celebrating my 30th birthday among so many friends and family all the while being SUPER duper pregnant with Hudson. I feel like it’s kinda impossible that she’s the one turning thirty now. Seriously, like what!?

I have to admit though, looking at her, talking to her and just being our normal goofy selves I really don’t get the thirty vibe. I mean don’t get me wrong, she’s totally an adult – she cooks (and drinks!) better than me, rocks a tech job in the heart of silicon valley and still manages to hit up breweries and concerts on the regular. She makes adulting look FUN and COOL and all in Target duds and a happy face.

She is without a doubt the best thing my parents have ever done for me.

I will forever love this human even more than I love myself because she is the brightest star I’ve ever known. Thank you sister for being here even when you’re far – but let’s be real, we’ve got a road trip to plan.

Let’s boogie down in Golden Gate park with amazing tunes, good food and even better company. We’re coming for you – only 4 weeks to go!

HERE’S to your magical year. 


  1. What a beautiful sister tribute . Boy daddy and I are so blessed to have you both.
    I love the way you love each other –

  2. You are by far my greatest life companion and I couldn’t be more grateful to have you as my sister forever. Our trip out west was pretty dam fun, but our trip back east will be the most epic. Love you more than life!

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