Wanna be Plant Lady

I’ve been working my tail off lately… (well, except for last week – I needed that vacation!)

With a lot of the design work you want your finished product to come to life and be documented in a way that you can fully appreciate your vision. Well, the folks at Porch Therapy, New General and Canvas Interiors did that for me about a month ago. I’ll share more about that process in a later blog post, but after working with such hard working women who do their thing and do it well, I’m super inspired.

We all struggle – every day is a struggle and a decision to do this vs. that because we all have the same amount of time in the day (what do they say? Like Beyonce?) and so I’m reminded again that it can’t all be perfect all the time.

I’m accepting the fact that I’ll never have a ton of plants like this (even though I love them soooo!) because I can’t keep them all a live. Work, blog, family, toddler and sleep are way up there in the do this or that list.

ps. if you haven’t been to east end yet and you’ve been living under a rock. please go.

Grab some plant babies, sip some Lineage Coffee or grab a Sweet Greens smoothie. All of which, won’t disappoint.

bag c/o fossil | shirt c/o amazon fashion | jeans madewell | sandals c/o kate spade ny similar

photos: sydney norberg


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