Journey For Baby #2 with Ava

this post is sponsored by Ava. 

So truth be told, I saw the Ava Instagram ad pop up in my feed. I guess with opening up about our struggle for baby #2 I’m now being marketed to in ways I wasn’t before. So I reached out to them in hopes that I would 1) learn more about this product and 2) get some help on our continued journey to add a 4th member to our Gernert crew.

Before I heard of this Ava bracelet, I was manually taking my basal body temperature every morning. Buying ovulation kits every couple of months and doing my best to track every little thing about my body and activity so I can fill the 2+ apps with enough knowledge that it would regurgitate some solid data back. I started taking Bee Pollen supplements, still took my prenatal vitamin and depending upon where I was in my cycle odds were I was taking a Progesterone supplement. Again, all things when you boil it down are trivial.

It’s been around 30 days since I started wearing and using the Ava bracelet. Granted, after our last miscarriage in January we were told to wait a couple months before trying again so as of April we had the green light. My cycle is still a bit irregular – what was clock work (28 days) now varies so I’m grateful for the Ava bracelet in that regard because AS I SLEEP it tracks my temperature, heart rates, REM sleep cycles – the whole thing. I can easily log my cycle, flow, length and physical symptoms.

Why are all those things important? Well, scientific research shows there is a correlation with ovulation and how those vitals can change. The app itself is super user friendly and it syncs within a minute every morning. It charts all my data, predicts my (5) most fertile days and let’s me know when I can/should be expecting my period. Granted, I still have to enter/confirm when my cycle starts and it’s duration, but other than that it doesn’t need much else from me.

For some, the Ava bracelet might be an investment – it’s $250 (app is free) but if you really do the math, if you take away the ovulation kits the basal body thermometer, you’ve easily paid for most of the bracelet. The information you get is really helpful and I’m hopeful that the more the Ava bracelet learns more about me (a few months of solid data) that it can tell me some really important things to HELP us get back on track with this whole baby making thing.

For those looking to try it – I do have a coupon for $20 off with the code: CLOSET 

I plan on doing a monthly update for you all as I continue to wear/use the Ava bracelet – I get that nothing speaks louder than honest testimonials, especially when it comes to something so personal, important and sometimes challenging. I want to shed light, provide hope and be transparent about our process because like I said before – I know I’m not alone.


  1. I still have no doubt the baby number 2 is in your future sometimes trying too hard prevents what you truly desire take in stride and you’ll be pregnant before you know it I love you and I’m hoping for a little girl just as sweet as you are! Love forever and always Dad

  2. Beautiful message. I agree with Daddy.
    Many more blessings to come – you’ll see. 😘😘😘😘😘

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