5 Things

1 // White & Warren

A new brand that found me through the noise and I’m literally SO excited to work with them.

2 // Perfect Plant Mister

Turning all “plant lady” now that it’s Spring and I could use all the help I can get.


3 // Ultimate Nail Instagram

I usually turn to Olive & June, but this account has some amazing ideas too. Now if only I could do at least one of these on my own. #yeahright


4 // @theobjectenthusiast

How rad is this place? I have a soft spot for Farmhouse Pottery but I think this lady takes pottery to another level. Special pieces here my friends. I’m hoping to start a collection here soon.

5 // Yeah feel me?

This quote totally hits home. As much as you want to PLAN you can’t control your life and if you try too hard you stop living the life that is being handed.

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