5 Things

1 // Raising A Young Boy?

I love this message so much. I never think of myself as “better” because I’m a female. I’m a human. We all have the same chances, the same opportunities, the same dreams. Teach them young to treat each other as equal. Genders aside.

2 // These Worth While Paper Cards make my heart happy

Seriously?! YES. Thank you WWP for showing that love has no boundaries. They also have tons of other paper goods worth checking out.

3 // Hunter Boots for Target 

I’ve ALWAYS wanted a pair (summer is RAIN central in FL) but I never liked the Hunter price tag – especially for a boot I’ll wear 2-3 months out of the year. So I’m stoked for their collab with Target. Maybe little man might score a pair. Launching 4/14.

4 // Sugar in PUNCH

Anyone else a Fresh obsessed? I loveeee their stuff. And this color gets all the heart eyes. A touch of punch on your lips. I’m not a lipstick person, but I think this is the perfect option.

5 // FREE People Obsessions

Every so often I’ll stumble upon FreePeople.com and freak out. Between them and Madewell, I swear I would have the most perfect closet situation. In the mean time, I’ll just daydream about this perfect outfit.


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