The Other Kind of Valentine’s Day

This post is sponsored by Amazon Fashion but these words and opinions are all my own.

Say you don’t have a partner. Or a date.

Or maybe you do, but you’re not into the whole lovey dovey thing. I get it. The holiday isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Maybe you do a “Galentine’s Day” thing with your best friend, or maybe it’s the day you spend all by yourself. Here’s to doing whatever you want because when it comes down to it, life is too short to do anything else.

I was able to spend an afternoon in New York all by myself. What seems so foreign and maybe even weird at times, might be completely natural for others. I ate meals alone. Took the subway alone. Wore what I wanted – who cares if it rained? I bought an umbrella. Almost all of my jeans have holes in them. And yes, I bought them that way.

All I’m trying to get at here is that sometimes we get lost in the everyday to stop and focus on YOURSELF or the other one you spend 75% of your time with. You start to ignore subtle clues, forget your manners. But today let’s enjoy the little things. Wear your favorite colors (this sweater I’m wearing is the prettiest shade of pink). Maybe even SMILE at a stranger.

For those that can’t help but to be a little sad, let Amazon Fashion make you happy. It’s the best medicine.

Sweater and jeans c/o Amazon Fashion | Bag and shoes c/o Kate Spade New York

photos: megan morgan // location: New York and the Roger Hotel



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