5 Things

1 // New Style Muse @discodaydream

Everything Lauren posts, I love. Her style is effortless and I love how different but also how natural she is. She’s also a fellow mama – I’m super inspired.

2 // Katherine Carter Design 

My new favorite interior design account! She did Lauren Conrad’s home and it’s literally perfection.

3 // It’s Okay to Just Be Okay 

Sometimes you just need to hear this. A cute graphic doesn’t hurt either.


4 // NEW Ascot & Heart Arrivals

Love their surfer, slouchy vibe – plus, they have killer band t-shirts.

5 // ‘Say Something’

Anyone else listening to this song on repeat?! We saw these two at the Pilgrimage Festival last year and it was the BEST surprise when Chris and his wife came out on stage. Music nirvana for sure. Also, happy early birthday JT – still heart you.


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