#Maketime with Wente Wines

It’s that time of year, when we all wish we had all the time and money in the world. Where we could spend days and weeks at a time surrounded by those we love the most and shower them with everything they could ever dream of. I mean, how amazing does that sound?

Thanksgiving IS here, and it’s a reminder that we need to just #maketime, no matter the holiday. Even if the days seem to last forever but yet the years seem to fly by.

With that, I’ve partnered with Wente Wines this season to really 1) appreciate those around me 2) actually enjoy company one glass at a time. Truth be told, I’m the S L O W E S T wine drinker. Ask my husband. I sip, I eat, I chat, I laugh, I sip again, I chase a toddler, I eat (all of that on repeat) so what might take one person an hour to drink 2 glasses, might just take me an hour for 1!

I find that when you can enjoy a bottle of wine with friends and family it actually makes the experience sweeter. Wente Wines, like this one, can be found at your local retailers. I snatched this bottle at our Trader Joe’s while we were buying silver dollar pancakes, bananas and a cookie decorating kit. You should have seen the kid card 😉

Whether you’re a wine drinker or not, a bottle of Wente Wine is a great gift idea. For a hostess, your mother-in-law, neighbor – you can always find a bottle of wine a home. We always try to have a a handful around for easy gifting.

For this post I took a super cute wine bag that I scored at Target and I added a custom ornament and attached the cork from a bottle of wine we enjoyed last Thanksgiving. Who else saves corks?! Say “I!” You can write a sweet message, a memory or a simple date to remind that person of the good times you had. We all need to #lovethejourney

It’s a simple thought, put together in a creative way that doesn’t cost much.

All Wente Wines are under $30 and right now if you were to buy some online and use code 25TOAST you can get 25% off your order!

And don’t think mailing a bottle of Wente Wine is out of the picture either – who doesn’t love to get a thoughtful (drinkable!) gift in the mail!? All you need is a wine sleeve (like this – a pack of 6 is $15) and package it up nice and comfy in a USPS box – toss in your holiday card and a sweet message and send it out. I promise it will get there safe in sound.

Here a little video of how I put it all together 🙂 HAPPY WINE GIFTING!


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