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1 // Thanksgiving Tablescape

I think this is what I’m going for this year – a simple, but beautiful center piece, some artichokes and clean place settings.

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2 // ’tis the Season

I love anything and everything Jenni Kayne! How I wish we had a store front here. How comfy, cozy and festive is this bed situation?

3 // Leandra’s REAL Pregnancy Announcement

Now this is a read – an honest and eye-opening look about one’s journey to become pregnant after a loss. I’ve heard that after a miscarriage everything bounces back and your body is ready more than ever to have one “stick” but that’s not always the case. We lost our first pregnancy this year in May and we’re still trying for another. I think what Leandra opened up about it super real – it’s not always easy, quick and beautiful.

I know I don’t have it that bad – I’m taking some Progesterone supplements and peeing on ovulation sticks, so what?! But to her brave point – “if there is anything I’ve learned, it is that no state of existence lasts forever.”

4 // @shop_workyourcloset

That’s right – I’ll be posting some items for sale over the next couple weeks. It’s a bid system by leaving your bid in the comments. Just thought it was a super simple way to share/sell my clothes without using Poshmark or even just dropping them off at the local Goodwill.

5 //  ME on Fossil.com

Still can’t go over this. How flippin’ amazing 🙂 Guys, seriously – their stuff is rad. A more behind the scenes look on this DREAM collab coming to the blog tomorrow!

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