5 Things

1 // THIS Podcast on all things Insta

The hard truth my friends! This was a great listen. I’m having a hard time posting JUST outfit photos even though that’s clearly what people want to see. They don’t care that much about coffee shops, travel destinations, cool kitchens or even my kid at times. So, what now? I might test it out and share more outfits with only one or two a week being something else. WISH ME LUCK. The Instagram stats don’t lie, but I kindly don’t want to listen. Anyone else with this love/hate relationship right now!?

2 // Hudson the Polar Bear

The newest edition to the Cuddle+Kind fam! Safe to say, I have to buy him now. Born January 12th, his favorite quote is “You can move mountains.” And with a name like that!? Plus, he feeds 10 kids in need. This might surely turn into a Christmas tradition.

3 // The Marlee Jean

Denim. It’s a weakness. Anyone else? I’ll buy them til I don’t have any room in my closet, and then I’ll give some away that I never wear to make room for more. It’s a vicious cycle, but I’m willing to play. JEANS are life.

4 // Wear Lively Maternity

I’m so excited to meet my Lively fam this week in NYC, but I’m even more excited for their recent maternity launch! Their maternity bras/body suits look absolutely amazing. I remember maternity bras were a hard find for me, so hopefully (when we have eventually have babe #2) these come in handy. Literally 😉

5 // Martha Stewart for Home Depot Hardware

Boxwood Avenue used these for her new kitchen and I’m obsessed! This is the stuff I’m living for these days at work – little gems like these. Guys, check the price tag, too. #swoonworthy



  1. Actually, I prefer a variety when reading a blog or following social media, too much of the same gets boring. Love that you post about things other than personal style (however, enjoy those posts as well). When it’s all said and done, do what makes you happy. 🙂

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