Fall into Rosé with the Mister Maple Fizz


After our first trip to wine country we really found our love for a nice rosé.

Actually, America sees the world in rosé glasses and particularly loves Provence: Americans drink 13% of the world’s rosé, second to France, and almost half of the French rosé is produced in Provence. 

Being in Florida, fall is somewhat just an extension of summer – so the rosé still flows through the holidays. What might have been a rosé slushy in August might be a nice mixed rosé cocktail come October/November.

I searched high and low for a more “manly” rosé drink and I came up kinda short – so I found a recipe that included un-sweet tea (which is my husband’s favorite and since we’re in the south, TEA is abundant) and then I added some extra goodness.

Drum roll please…..

I’d like to introduce you to my new favorite rosé drinkMister Maple Fizz.

6 oz unsweet tea + muddled blueberries + 1 tbsp maple syrup + 1 tsp honey + 2 oz Wines of Provence Rosé

I figured this recipe would be fun because 1) who doesn’t love maple syrup? 2) you can kinda make it your own. Garnished with blueberries and honey, it’s a rosé crowd favorite.

So if you would prefer sweet tea, use sweet tea! If you want to muddle some raspberries, have at it! So it’s like a bloody mary bar, but instead with rosé. When the holidays approach but the temps still hover in the 80s a drink like this is fun, refreshing and customizable. We served ours up in mason jars, they are actually our every day glassware over here and I think it just adds to the feel.

Plus, everyone (of age, of course!) will gladly try it out. Holidays are a good time to try things like this out – and for our case it was a pre-birthday party test!

The bottles used in this recipe were courtesy of Wines of Provence which you can find at your local Total Wine for $20! It’s a dry rosé which is why it pairs great with the maple syrup and honey!





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