New Car Needs a New Car Seat

Well, it was a total excuse to get a new one because every week we need to do the car seat shuffle for our nanny. She takes Hudson around Monday through Wednesday and then it goes back in our car. When he was super little it was easy to just remove the base, but now it’s just so much work. I can see why some families would have multiple car seats for nannies or even family members.

So BIG thanks to Graco for letting us do some research and letting us snag the best car seat for our growing boy.

To be clear our first car seat was not Graco – but we know SO many other people that use the brand and love it – so when they approached me it felt like it was the perfect time to give them a shot.

Obviously when looking for a new car seat you want QUALITY, SAFETY and AFFORDABILITY. Since some families need multiple car seats and with how fast kids grow you want them to 1) last and 2) be economical.

We ordered this seat on and got it super fast thanks to their 2 day shipping! We’re big fans of ordering the bulky/big things online and let’s be real, I wasn’t going to make the trip to the local Walmart. It was super convenient just ordering online and the price just couldn’t be beat.Β 

Even though we gained extra space in the Q7 we were intrigued by the Graco Slim Fit All-In-One Car Seat. It’s skinnier, but just as comfortable and will grow with our dude until he doesn’t need a seat anymore. (I’ll cry that day, for the record.) Also, to be clear this car seat can be used rear facing for infants all the way to toddlers in a booster forward seat.Β  Just thinking long term, we wanted a car seat that would take up the least amount of space – we’re hoping to expand our family next year and we know the time is coming when Hudson will want to hop in with his friends and cousins. Also, this one doesn’t weigh a ton and looks super sleek in the car.

So far we’re loving it and Hudson is, too. He’s been telling everyone that he got a cool big-boy car seat. It has two cup holders which is AWESOME because snacks/toys can go in one and water/juice in the other. Plus, they can collapse to make even more room. Hudson has a ton of leg room since it sits pretty straight up which is also stellar because he has a tendency to kick my chair. BOYS.

Overall, we love it! I will say the latch system was little difficult since the belt wasn’t long enough – we had to put the seat in position AFTER we got it latched in but we made it work.

Again, thank you Graco for sponsoring this post but for also making our lives easier and safer. To learn more about car seat installation and safety regulations check this link out.

Slim Fit All-In-One (Darcie) Car Seat c/o Graco


  1. We have the graco extend to fit. Does this seat do rear facing too and have the extender for more leg room? Very interested in weight and slim fit design! We love our graco!

    • Hey Kristina – yep! It starts rear facing for infants – 5lbs+. It also goes up to 100lbs forward facing. It definitely takes up less space and Hudson loves it.

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