A ‘No Make-up’ Look with Perricone MD

I’m as simple as they come when it comes to a make-up routine. Being a working mama, getting ready has to happen fast. But to be honest, I was never the one that would take hours to get ready – ask my husband. I like beauty products, but it’s important to me to use items 1) that work 2) fit my routine and lifestyle.

So when Perricone MD asked me to sample their No Makeup Instant Blur Primer, I was all for it. I’ve used their other products in the past like their cold plasma series but since it’s this Instant Blue Primer is  powerful multi-functional product that reduces redness, pores and fine lines, while minimizing them over time – I would call that a WIN! I’ve been using the No Makeup Instant Blur Primer for about a week now and I will say, it’s a great addition to my everyday routine. It actually helps with the humidity, shine and making sure my make-up stays put which is a big confidence booster.

Not worrying about your make-up or skin is like a breath of fresh air.

The No Makeup Instant Blur Primer has a balmy, super light-weight texture to it that makes the application a total cinch. If I can use it you can, too.

Watch my everyday ‘no make-up’ make-up tutorial below (my FIRST beauty video! ahhhh!) featuring the No Makeup Instant Blur Primer:

And that’s it! It takes me like 5 mins to do my face 🙂

Hope this review helps and if you’re looking for a multi-purpose primer give Perricone MD’s No Makeup Instant Blur Primer a try!


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