Herbivore Botanicals’ Office Tour

As soon I as I knew I was going to Seattle I reached out to the folks at Herbivore Botanicals to see if I could drop in. I’ve been a fan of the brand for awhile now and use their Jasmine Glowing Body Oil and Rose Mist Spray every single day. I had nothing to lose per se – but to my surprise they were all for it.

When I truly love a product, I want to learn more about it and this visit to their corporate office in Seattle was a total treat. 

Willie, the nicest guy on the planet, greeted me with a hug. I got to meet the majority of the their office team including the founders Alex and Julia who just happened to be in the office that day. #score! Julia dressed in sneakers and Levi’s jeans, and Alex in a cool military jacket and jeans were surprisingly un-assuming and extremely gracious.

I don’t think I could say this enough but they are LOVELY and ADORABLE and insanely SWEET. Ironic, right? This married couple running this insane all natural, cruelty free skincare line was totally approachable.

It was both 1) mind boggling and 2) endearing (because Herbivore Botanicals is a BIG DEAL) to see how this small(ish) team runs it – and they run it really well. 

Alison, who heads up their marketing says “it helps when it’s a small team and everyone gets along.” They are like family, no joke. The office vibe is casual, kinda spa-like and full of personality. Filled with West Elm and Ikea furniture/decor it’s a sleek open office space. No cubicles. One meeting room. Comfy couches and a mini kitchen stocked with La Croix and champagne (because, “you never know when you need it.”)

Crazy to think it all started about 6 years ago in Alex and Julia’s kitchen – now they employ over 60+ people and have grown a relatively small business into a really cool Seattle staple. Starbucks, who? 😉

I told Willie that because they were all so sincere, genuine and insanely approachable in a day in age where transparency is key – they will no doubt have amazing longevity. When you leave a place feeling like you’ve known these folks for years and they send you off with a sweet care package you can’t help but want to be their best friends. Thank you Willie and the Herbivore Botanicals team for your time – you guys are seriously the coolest.

Shop my favorite Herbivore Botanicals products – I promise you won’t be disappointed. And check out my instagram because I’m giving a little Herbivore Botanicals giveaway 🙂

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