A Budget Friendly Beauty Regime



When I heard about this #hydrateandglow campaign I jumped on it. And here’s why – THREE of the four products of this campaign are already in my bathroom vanity. One in particular that I’ve been using since middle school. Yeah, we go way back.

As much as I would love to buy all the expensive stuff – I get that it’s just not practical. I’m starting to nourish my body from within and then kindly supplement with my facial routine with products I trust.


Majority of the time I shower at night – can I get a “here here!” fellow Mamas?! – so I’ll scrub my face once or twice a week with the St. Ives® Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub (the one I’ve been using for 20+ years). It really sluffs off all the dead/dry skin and leaves my skin feeling super soft. It’s a staple in my shower for sure.

budget friendly beauty regime

Before bed I usually use a night cream, but if I’m just hanging low on the weekends I just need a facial moisturizer, a small dab of Ponds® Dry Skin Cream does the trick.

Mornings, late nights, yoga or travel days I use the Simple® Cleansing Wipes. They are super gentle, refreshing and smell great. Perfect for sensitive skin and stubborn mascara. These wipes are near me at all times. I even use them on Hudson when his face is a mess and his wipes aren’t near.

a budget friendly beauty regime

In complete transparency I haven’t used Noxema® in years, but I think it’s one of those products thats really nice to have when you need it. When it’s that time of the month maybe, or when your skin just isn’t cooperating and you need a refresh – Noxema® Classic Clean to the rescue.

The kicker about all of this though is that after a quick trip to our Walmart Neighborhood Market we (Hudson helped!) snagged all 4 products and a bouquet of flowers for my dad and it all cost under $30. I repeat, 4 good size beauty products less than $10 a piece

And thanks to the folks at Unilever® – this link will add all these items to an online Walmart shopping cart so you don’t have to trek your 2 1/2 with you through a store. Unless, you’re like me and will gladly take the adventure.

a budget friendly beauty regime



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