5 Things

1 // Amanda Greeley

Stumbled upon her account and felt so inspired. Her insta is #swoonworthy, her style is effortless (she’s a shoe designer) and her home is perfection. Anyway, I adore her and I thought I’d share.

2 // Madewell Fall Sneak Peak 

I’m SOOOO not ready for Fall, but one of the perks of being a Madewell Insider (I highly encourage you to sign up) is that you get to see all the goodness coming up. So camel, neutral and pink tones are coming up! I’m digging the first look something serious.

3 // Peanut App

The idea of bringing local & like-minded mamas together. I’ve heard some amazing things about it. Have you tried it? Would you try it? I’m all ears. Mamas gotta stick together.

4 // Accompany

Think of artisan, fair trade and philanthropic, because their mission is to make a difference with every single purchase. And seriously, their stuff is cuuuuute.

sandals / towel / clutch

5 // BAMBOO all the things

I’ve talked about bamboo sheets before – I’m totally intrigued. But then tasc Performance sent me some bamboo clothing and now I’m totally obsessed. It’s also a great way to test out a new (sustainable, chemical free) material more affordably than buying sheets. Obv. Also, use code experiencebamboo at checkout for 20% off a $34 tank. Totally worth it.

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