In my comfort zone with tasc Performance

I’m not much of a worker-outer… I mean I love a good yoga class, walk around the block and some beach volleyball, but most of the time I just live in all my comfy clothes at home.

Nick thinks I secretly wear comfy clothes under my real clothes because as soon as I get home, I’m in them. No joke.

These new tasc Performance separates are seriously my new favorite. They are crazy comfortable, super soft, functional (hello, pockets!) and can be worn around the house, running errands, to yoga or where ever – in other words… perfect for me.

You definitely pay for what you get – bamboo material, breathable, mildew resistant, ultra soft (no crazy logos everywhere – which is pet peeve of mine when it comes to athletic wear) so it’s not crazy cheap, but I will say totally worth the spend.

If you do the whole cost per wear scenario these things pay for themselves tenfold.

Their proprietary fabric blends are sustainable, chemical-free (huge!) and come from high quality materials like Bamboo, Merino Wool and Organic Cotton. Plus, UPF 50+ sun protection and odor-resistance is a must in humid Florida summers. 

Anyway – check out tasc performance (in particular these pants ($39 on sale) and this tank ($34) and use code: experiencebamboo for 20% off your order 🙂

PS. Cute kid not included. And yes, this is me in the morning. 

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