Reason to Celebrate with Paperless Post

When the folks at Paperless Post reached out (sometime last week) I jumped at the opportunity because it was perfect timing with 4th of July. I mean, America’s birthday is always a great celebration.

I remember moving into our house a little over 3 years ago and having all our favorites over to celebrate this beautiful American holiday and announcing our pregnancy with Hudson. There’s just something about the 4th of July, summer nights, cold beer, watermelon and the mixing smells of sunscreen and BBQs that really makes me happy.

What I also love is that it’s a no-stress kinda holiday – everyone bring something, just come and hang-out and be super casual. Which is why a Paperless Post invitation was perfect. 

Their online service (which is really the way to go most times) is super user friendly and their designs (designer or not) are awesome.  I loved the variety they had for 4th of July – which really isn’t the biggest holiday, so just imagine the countless options for something like a birthday or Christmas. It’s an efficient but yet cool way to gather your friends around. No one wants the paper, but you still want to make the statement – I totally get it. Which is why Paperless Post is so good at what they do.

For those of you new to Paperless Post their online invitation system is done by a coin system. Coins = money.

The Coin price per recipient is based on the options you have chosen. (Options, like envelope liners and card inserts, can be added or removed.) Coins packages can be purchased when you are ready to send.

Our 4th of July holiday card example:

Once you’ve completed your design, recipient group (address book) etc. you choose your coin package and prep to send!

Easy peasy with a side of flare.

Lastly, if you’re the type that like to make your own – don’t worry! You can customize your own card. And if you’re old fashioned (I am too at times) you can get printed cards.

Hope this post was helpful and insightful and that you give Paperless Post a glance.

Thank you to Paperless Post for sponsoring this post and helping me out with my invitation needs – mama doesn’t have a ton of time for that 🙂


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