5 Things

Stumbled upon this cute shop last week during my shoot with Abby. The guy who runs it is a Winter Park High School grad, who plans on opening up another shop near Mills 50. I’m down. 
I could always use more juice/smoothie/acai bowl places in my life.
Because we all need them now and again.
The digital landscape changes so fast and there is constant room for improvement.
Like building an email list. I’ve totally let the slide and turns out, I probably shouldn’t.
The Avo and Succulent art prints are my favorite. And how cute are their magnetic wood frame kits?
Perfect for just about anything – even little kid art.


By now I’m sure you know I work for LunDev (the custom home builder who built our house) but what you might not know is that our family is super close with a fellow LunDev family.
They used to live on our street until they moved into this new beaut.
Had to share their kitchen because I’m kinda obsessed.
Jess Kirby is hands down my favorite.
Her style is so effortless yet chic and I just want to like everything she posts a million times.
Constantly inspired by this lovely and I think you will be, too.


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