5 Things

1 // Jasmine Mist Tea w/ Honey 

besides the occasional beer or cocktail, this was all I drank on vacation. 
the smell and sweetness (with a beach view) was just the ticket.
luckily, my husband got the hint and bought some for home.
I’m obsessed. 

made a quick decision to head to Target before our trip to find a one-piece suit.
soooo glad i did. they were pretty popular at Amanyara, but it was the perfect addition to my daily beach wear. 

image via instagram

3 // Vans (the shoes, not the ride) 

I didn’t get the ones from Madewell for Christmas. SO I’ve been eyeing them ever since.
And then I saw a girl wearing them at the Turks & Caicos’ airport and I almost died. 
okay, not literally.. but I can’t wait to get my hands on a pair. 

4 // Book Report: The Magnolia Story 

I read it! In three days while on vacation. Being a fan of the show, I gave it a whirl. To be honest I wasn’t sure what to expect really since their life is already an open book on the show, but overall it was inspiring and up-lifting and full of “real-life” moments which I appreciated. 
For fans, I totally recommend.

5 // Herbivore Jasmine Glowing Hydration Body Oil

I got a few Herbivore bottles from the Bloom That giveaway that I won. I didn’t wear the Jasmine oil much (I’m not a huge oil user) but I brought it on our trip and I loveeeed it. The smell is divine and now it will always take me back to that sweet place in Turks.


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