Twenty-Three Months

Only four short weeks til my little man turns two.

With so much to celebrate, plan and enjoy toward the end of year I never lose sight of his birthday. 
I already have his party invites (no Christmas cards, but birthday invites) party decor, favors ordered, location confirmed – the whole thing. 
His birthday will forever be one of my favorite days to celebrate.
And not just because it’s New Year’s Day 😉 

Big into stacking his Honest diaper packs so he can climb them, count to three and then jump!
Eats edamame right out of their pods
Still prefers tomatoes in pico than by themselves
Know the difference between light blue and dark blue
The Outfield is still, by far, his favorite band 
Loves to play and fix his “guitar”
Will point out Christmas lights 
Starting to sing “Jingle Bells”
Wants his stuffed animals to talk 
Talks up a storm now – even with strangers. 
Trader Joe’s visits are a Friday favorite 
Knows the alphabet and can call out any letter
Really into his Dr. Seuss books which is a total treat
Has yet to try to climb out of his crib (thank goodness!)
Says the cutest “whhhaa-yuuu-dooo-ing?”
HATES not getting his way and is every bit a 2 year old at times
Requests pancakes for breakfast the night before
Obsessed with Paw Patrol and anything he can “push”
Talks about his friend’s Addy and Logan who he sees at the library 
Idolizes our neighbor Hannah – who is super sweet with him
Will find the closest dirt pile and play in it
Can swing on the big kid swings
Loves kicking soccer balls and dribbling basketballs 
Wants to walk around the neighborhood purely to spot excavators, dump trucks or bulldozers. 
Sweet boy, 

You melt my heart. Just this morning you laid on my chest after you ate your breakfast on my lap and we watched Mickey. You greet me with “Mama’s here!” every time I enter the room. You give the best hugs and the sweetest kisses. 
You’ve been keeping tabs on everyone lately – you know the second when someone leaves the room. You want to know where someone is at all times and to typically be right next to them. 
You’re typically never without a truck or a car in your hand. You lay on the ground and push your toys around as you watch the wheels turn. Fascinated in how things work, from speakers on my phone, to excavators, to helping dad change my tire, your mind is constantly thinking. 
Being outside is definitely your favorite. You tell me how nice the weather is, if the grass is wet and will search for acorns til it’s dark out. 
We do this thing now where we slow down a word with a deep voice and duck face and we think it’s hysterical 🙂 
We tried to see Santa last weekend and you just weren’t having it. You did ask for a stroller though, which I’m sure he remembered. You’re loving all Christmas lights and point them out every time you see them. It’s your mama’s favorite time of year and even more so now that you’re part of it.
You certainly have a way with me and I love you with my whole heart. 



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