Orlando, say Hello to Foster Grant


You may have heard of them…

Foster Grant, a super affordable (nothing over $70!) eyewear shop that has graced the faces of countless Hollywood stars like Elvis Presley and Brooke Shields!
Foster Grant, the first sunglasses company in the country, dating back to 1929, is opening its very first retail store right here in Orlando.

They are officially opening up their first store at the Florida Mall , just in time for the holiday season.

How exciting is that?!

Now you can try on pairs and pairs of sunglasses before you buy them AND not feel guilty when you go to buy more than one 🙂 
Plus, more exciting news to come about their gran opening event! 
image via WWD for Foster Grant
Per WWD, The 550-square-foot store, which will join an existing kiosk at the mall, will showcase Foster Grant’s signature line of sunglasses in the $15- $30 price range, as well as its Item 8 line, launched in August, which offers more fashion forward premium styles priced between $30 – $70.” 

Prices I can totally get behind and with Florida being the “Sunshine State,” this makes total sense.

Welcome, Foster GrantCan’t wait to see more of life through your lenses. 


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