4 Simple Ways to Revitalize Your Living Space

Our living room really needed a refresh.

I mean, we’ve lived in this house for two years already and majority of the furniture came with us from our old place.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but after 3+ years of the same set up, I was dying for a change.

And if you’re like me – HOW can I update my main living space 1) budget friendly 2) quickly (I need immediate gratification 3) semi-kid friendly. I mean, YES, we have a kid, but he’s getting older and boundaries are mostly there, so let’s bring back our old set-up.

Mama’s you feel me?

Here’s what our living room looked like before… 

And after… 

So here are the 4 simple things I did, that you can do, too – to give your living room new life.

1. Add texture. 

From decor pillows and throws, switch out the pillow covers and add some color, pattern and comfort. Minted is so great because they work with designers from all over, which means any kind of fabric you can imagine. Hand made, with love, and with patterns you can’t really find elsewhere. Sold.

2. Bottom up. 

The area rug plays a MAJOR role. Our old rug was too dark and it showed every little piece of dog hair. So I thought it was a good idea to go lighter. I loveeeeed this rug the moment I saw it on Rugs USA. They have the most amazing selections at REASONABLE prices. They hold discounts/sales all the time and they do a great job via their Instagram at showing you how their rugs look in REAL spaces. Bonus, they can normally ship within 2-3 days. Our new rug immediately brightened up our space and made it feel larger. It’s soft, dog friendly (their nails won’t get caught) and it’s a total win-win.

News flash: this rug is 9.5 x 12 and was under $500.

3. Greenery.

I’m the worst when it comes to keeping things alive, so I give all the credit to Nick. But some things need little maintenance like succulents, which is maybe why I’m a total sucker. I love having plants in our living space – they are an instant mood lifter. The fiddle leaf figs fills the corner and adds some color (until Christmas-time that is!)

4. Make it feel like home.

I added some toys here and there because that’s our life. Hudson is all over the place, so to have things for his busy hands to grab wherever was critical. Plus, cute books and an elephant add some character. Fall decor is slowly creepin’ in, too and that’s exciting all on it’s own!

Another tip – we took the Target bench from our closet and put it to the right of the fireplace – adds additional seating but also keeps the living space open. I find myself sitting their more now. We want our space to feel lived in, comfortable and warm.

Needless to say we love the updates – it’s feels clean, new and more “us.”

**Big thank you to Minted and Rugs USA for playing such a big role in the make-over. 
My family and I are super grateful! 



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