5 Ways to Work Your Closet + Save or Earn Money!

[1]  Closet Clean-Out
try thredUP or Poshmark to inspire you to sell items you no longer wear. 
if you haven’t worn them within the last year, time to toss and make a buck or two.

*use code BIJGW to get $5 when you sign up for Poshmark!

[2] 30 for 30 Challenge
pick 30 of your favorites – a mix of tops, bottoms, accessories and shoes and only wear those items over the course of 30 days. It will push your creativity and highlight what you really like to wear. 

[3] Capsule Wardrobe
definitely a buzz word as of late, but simplifying your closet helps evolve your style by sticking to classic basics. Check out Un-Fancy to get inspired.

[4] Repurpose
you know… turn jeans into shorts or long sleeves into comfy t-shirts. 
add some distress or iron on a patch or two. A fun way of giving old clothes NEW life. 

[5] Repair
take your favorite shoes in to get their soles fixed. that dress that doesn’t quite fit right, get it tailored! A bag with a broken zipper that’s just collecting dust, get the zipper fixed. 


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