Yum For All with Annie’s Homegrown

I’ve talked about my love for Annie’s before.

So to post about them again and their constantly evolving list of *organic* products shouldn’t be a surprise. 
As Hudson continues to eat more and more of what WE eat, it’s nice to use a brand we both love. 
He loves the shapes and taste and well, mama loves the organic (trustworthy-ness) of all things Annie’s Homegrown. 
So for this post I’m going to brag about their mac’n cheese for a moment – you know, the good stuff?!
It’s a staple around here. It’s EASY to prepare, EASY to pair with other items, and EASY to re-heat for leftovers. WIN!
We typically give Hudson mac’n cheese every other week, but it will start out as a lunch with fruit and crackers.

Eventually the leftovers will end up being a dinner (or two) later in the week mixed with peas and chicken with a side of fruit. Watermelon is on repeat still. BUT whatever he doesn’t eat, Mama eats. I like to call it “mommy tax.” 

For the snacks in-between we stick to Annie’s Homegrown fruit snacks and now their super yummy chewy bars. Easy to pack and they pack a punch. 

Hudson loves eating what we eat. So we eat what we want him to eat – Annie’s Homegrown goodness.


Attention Mamas – Annie’s Homegrown has a great page about LUNCHBOX ideas for all those kiddos back to school. I encourage you to check it out and get some ideas 🙂 
They are so fun! 

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