19 Months

When you tell him not to do something he’ll reply with ” No No (whatever you just told him NOT to do) but with a finger point.
Obsessed with this Simple Learning video on YouTube
Knows his colors and can say them all
Can count to ten!
Has this weird thing for backing up on animals/blankets/toys and sitting on them
If you ask him to draw a circle he will
Likes to “build” with his duplo blocks
Says “Dada sucks” for dada snacks aka adult fruit snacks. So more of mama snacks. But it’s priceless and needs to be recorded.
Will randomly say BOO really loud
Almost prefers to go up the stairs by himself
Go Dogs Go is high on the reading list as of late
Big kid breakfasts only! Really diggin’ the waffles or pancakes with berries.
WHEEL is still his favorite thing in the world
He now says “cooose me, Buddy” instead of just walking all over him
Likes everything to be fasssssst.
Does this spin dance move that’s hilarious
Big into puzzles and coloring
Says “hand” and reaches up to hold your hand #swoon
Has 8 new teeth!
Says “MESS!” looks at you and will proceed to dump all his toys out.
If he walks by an open door, he’ll close it.
And he can officially open doors on his own!
Still a huge tomato eater
Cries when he hears other babies cry
Asks for “tickles” but as soon as you get close says “No no no!”
Has pooped (in his diaper) twice sitting on the potty! Mom and dad aren’t ready for the next step!
He tries to read me books sometimes and says a word or two about the page he’s on. It’s quite cute.
Has successfully broken my phone screen twice
Has been wanting mama to rock him to bed at night (which I don’t mind)


Sweet boy,

Everyday you’re less and less a baby. You’re wildly smart and adventurous. 
I sense a slight rebel, maybe because you’re closer to 2 than you are to 1 these days – but you’re a boundary pusher. You test the waters and do your own thing. We constantly need to keep our eyes on you. 
Mornings now consist of you on my lap on the couch with a cow shaped plate full of yummy breakfast food and you holding the fork. 
You love to dance, color, build, play ball and be outside. You have the sweetest way of saying “hi.” All coy and cute. We still debate cutting your hair, but most days I can’t seem to part with it. You’ve got this Florida boy meets West Coast thing (which is sooo cute and true) that I want to let it go. 
You also have another big trip coming up! Your second time to CA, but we’re going to Santa Cruz which is special place to me and daddy, too. And you get to see your families ranch which I’m sure will blow your mind. Adventures with you kid is a total treat! 

I love you, I love you, I love you. 



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