And just like that he’s a year and a half.

I also think just like that I’ll stop saying “blah blah months” and just say A YEAR & A HALF. 

Do people look at you funny when you tell them how old your kid is? 
Yeah… months get people all sorts of confused. 
Anyway, my sweet boy is half way to TWO which seems quite fitting because…  
Big talker. Big repeater. Big communicator. “okay, mama.” #heartmelt
He’ll tell you when he’s walking, when he’s fast, when he’s sitting, when he’s pooping, he’ll say the food he’s about to eat before he takes a bite. 
Has 4 more teeth! And for the most part was a total champ through the process.
We think he has 12 teeth now. 
Still has never had a hair cut.
Loves watching videos on our phone. And with that he knows how to use the video app. Perfectly. 
Into “PIPES” which means he likes to type on our phones, iPads or “puters.” 
Big into hide and seek. Our pantry and a spot behind our couch is favorite. 
Wears very little 18M clothes – we’ve gone straight to 2T. 
His Salt Water sandals (we just got) are a size 7! 
Will go as fast as his little legs will go and then stop and say “fasssst.” 
I’m thinking he wants to be a race car driver or landscaper when he grows up. 
His face lights up when he hears landscaping equipment. 
Now requests to go home, when we’re out. Which I think is cute. Love that he loves being home. 
But it’s also so he can sit on our laps in the driveway and “drivvves” the car. 
Will ask to play with this “troller” – xbox controller. He’ll sit on Nick’s nap for a good ten minutes and pretend to play. 
Out of 30 cards of different animals, I would say he knows more than half of them. #smarty
Has figured out how to take his shirts off. Let’s hope the bottoms take a bit longer. 
A little FISHY in the pool.
Makes the cutest “oh my gosh” face.
Has 3 little freckles. One on his right arm, one under his left arm-pit and one on his forehead 🙂
Says “hi” or “hello” at passer-byes.
If you ask him what color something is he’ll say “blue.” BUT if you ask him to find a certain color, he’ll get it right 90% of the time. 
Will shovel tomatoes (preferably from our pico de gallo) in his mouth for dinner. 
Can use a fork, decently well! Spoons, are still a bit tricky.
Loves to sing the last word to every lyric in his nursery rhymes.
Tantrums are a thing. Crazy high pitched screams. Head shakes. But those typically come close to nap time. 
Still takes (2) naps a day for the most part. 
Getting more and more particular about his “tee tees”. Aden + Anias classic muslin swaddle blankets ONLY. Crazy, kid. 
Will race to beat us in the laundry room so he can get into the dog’s water bowl.
Will gladly point out your eyelashes but poke you in the eye in the process.
“BEEPS” is really JEEP. Which will immediately turn into “PAPA!” 
Long white SUV types he’ll point out and say “GiGi!”
Been carrying a Minnie Mouse around lately. #adventureswithMinnie
“ROOOOM” is the word to go play in his playROOM.
Uses the spindles on the stairs to help him step up. #bigkid
Likes to floss with daddy. He literally asks for it.

You are just the coolest little dude. Everyday I feel so lucky to be your mama. 
That it’s ME you choose, you reach for, you call to. 
You’re turning into this little person who is so funny, incredibly smart and who has the sweetest face.  
I feel like it’s constantly changing. Getting rounder, fuller and your lashes – gah, your lashes are divine!
I cherish every moment, especially those in the morning where you’ll sit on my lap, drink your bottle. You’ll play with my fingers or my arm and then sit another 10 mins or so as we giggle and watch videos. Lately, you’ve been watching puddle videos and you driving papa’s jeep. 
I make more of a conscious effort (crazy to think more than I was) about taking photos/videos knowing you’ll be going back through them later.  
You’ve also been generous with kisses lately which I LOVE sooooo much. 
I will never tire of your sweet kisses. 
You’re getting less baby by the day, but it’s crazy how even though I miss you being so tiny, your personality makes me BEAM. 
Let’s continue these adventures my little monkey. 

I love you all the way down to your toes..



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