Safe Start – Infant Survival Class

Hudson just received his very first “certificate of achievement” award!
He passed his infant survival class with flying colors and he still loves the water.

Ever since he started walking, getting him in swim lessons was a top priority for me. And it was important for us to get him in a class before this big Boca Grande trip (that we’re on now.)

The pool at this house is huge and we used it so much last year, so we wanted him to feel comfortable in the water, educated and well, give us some piece of mind, too.

Plus, living in Florida where pools/lakes are everywhere, we had to.

I didn’t know much about infant swim lessons and I did a little bit of research through our local (super close) YMCA. And it turned out that Safe Start was the answer.

6 weeks ($65/wk), 10 mins Monday through Friday, with an instructor only.

It was a commitment, some days a challenge and for the first 3 weeks Hudson really hated it.

But then it clicked.

This kid could maneuver himself in a pool (no matter what direction they put him in, no matter what he was wearing) and he’d make it on his back and float. He could find the wall and pull himself up like a champ.

This kid got it.

Our instructor was great and I would recommend this program over and over again.

We’re grateful we did it and I think Hudson will be prepared for a “what if” scenario but will also love the water that much more because he’s so familiar now.

Here’s to water-filled Summer!

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