Father’s Day: WEWOOD Eco-Friendly Gifts

What are two things a guy can’t get enough of? Not a trick question.


Guys just accumulate these things… then L O S E  them… then buy more. Am I right?!
I know those are Nick’s favorite things, so this Father’s day it seemed fitting.

A 100% reclaimed wood watch and wood/cotton sunglasses.

WeWood proudly makes their products from sustainable materials and they are AWESOME.

They are a total hit around these vacation parts.

Photos, I think, don’t actually do these products justice – the wood color, grain and craftsmanship is purely amazing and they feel a lot more durable and super high quality.

Products like these are perfect for men who:

1. Enjoy the outdoors
2. Live an active lifestyle
3. Like nice things
4. Care about the environment(ish)

AND with every WeWood purchase they PLANT A TREE.

For a dad, this couldn’t be more perfect. Since they are the strong one helping us grow, it’s kinda cute.

Hands down, I love them on him 🙂

If he turns his back, I just might run off with those shades.



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