Lessons in Life

this beautiful being graduated from San Jose State University today with a bachelors degree in Television, Radio, Film and Theatre. And she didn’t just graduate, she graduated with HONORS.

Being the big sister that I am, I thought I would be the one teaching her all the lessons.

“This is how you should go through life.”
“Here’s this wonderful path I’m building for you…”

But today, she taught me one.

That it doesn’t matter your age, where you are in your life and what other people think.
You take your time, you listen to your heart and you follow it.


She took time off of school. Lived at home with our parents. Worked hard on building a special relationship. Moved across the country. Went back to school. GRADUATED from school. And is on her way to becoming anything she wants in life.

And I truly couldn’t be more proud. I can’t wait to watch her soar even higher.

Congratulations, Pook!

You’re a total rock-star and I’m the lucky one.

“in a field of roses, she is a wildflower.”


  1. I love in a bed of roses she's a Wildflower.. I thought we would be the one to teach some life lessons and it's wonderful that you can learn some from your children.. the most important is lead by example and she certainly has done so… so proud of you honey

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