Motherly Musings

You find yourself watching Doc McStuffins just as intently as they are
You make sure everyone is fed before you begin to even eat your own dinner
Picking out “snacks” at the grocery store is for mommy, too! Popsicles please!
Naps that are over an hour are perfect, but over 2 hours are way too long. Anyone else miss their baby?
When they say “thank you” unprovoked your heart melts.
When he asks you to sing “Twinkle Twinkle” for the 100th time, as much as you’re SO OVER that song, you sing it anyway… and kiss his head. rub his back. breathe him in. because yeah… momhood.
Being completely dumbfounded when you go to download your first kid app on your iPad. Sooo many choices.
To take more video footage now because you know your little will love to see it over and over and over…
To constantly find your phone in disabled mode. Thanks, kid. 
When they get all upset about something you didn’t mean to do – sunscreen in their eyes or accidentally ate something spicy – your heart SINKS and you feel like the worst mom EVER, but it’s okay. It could always be worse and they still love you just as much. #mommoments
Even though it’s their playroom, it still has to look kinda-sorta nice(ish)
Kisses, even if they have boogers/spit/food all over their face, are always always welcome.
To catch yourself just staring at them, in complete utter amazement.
Sleeping baby photos are the best.
When he says “mama,” even though he just wants to use you for something, feels good.
But to also be mindful that “daddy” is there, too and could always use the love.
Firsts for them, are just as much (if not more), exciting for you. Zoo! Pizza! Ahh!
That all you really need is him to wake you up but a nice cup of coffee doesn’t hurt.

To have your kid repeat words or sayings because they say it so cute. #guilty
Other kids (parents, too!), the kind you don’t know, at parks and playgrounds that are already giving you a taste of what daycare/school is like. Sharing, people. Let’s work on it.

The hard truth that we have to try SO hard to present. But us moms gotta do it. Littles are counting on us.


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