Life Lately

| my handsome dates | 
 | we are trying this “walk on your own” thing – well, he tries to run… every time. |
| orange breaks around the house lately. soooo good. |

| he’s a total morning person |

| butter chicken tacos (yum!) |

| he’s been on a major black bean kick |

| his first real Easter basket from us (big thanks to Aunt Alyson for getting him this basket last year | 

| Winter Park egg hunt with the Easter bunny – he loveeed the characters. | 

| best part about Easter (besides candy) F A M I L Y

| he’s been saying “dad-deeee” lately and it’s the cutest thing |

| smells like Spring around here with an annoying amount of pollen (blah) |

| major mama time this week since our nanny is sick. we even got to go to story time at the library together – isn’t he the cutest? The hat lasted for about an hour 😉 | 

| park days with my sidekick |

| some gma love |


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