14 Months

Being only 14 months, he easily looks two.
He tries to run and now started this little “march” where he kicks one leg up as he walks.
Wants to push his stroller than ride in it
Guys, he says “pah-weeese” #melt
Huge choo choo and airplane fan
100 First Machines book on repeat. He’ll grab it and want to sit in your lap to go through it. When asked he’ll point out the Jeep, crane, tractor, scooter, helicopter, scooter, train, school bus and motorcycle.
Add the owl, squirrel and chicken to his list of animal noises.
Tries to sing a long with you.
Huge black bean, cheese, fruit snack and gold fish eater.
Will occasionally have bits of dad’s pb&j
Can kick a soccer ball and put his basketball through the hoop! #miniathelete
His favorite activities still include bike rides, “sweeeeeeeeng” and hide and seek.
On a bubbles kick.
Loves laying down in the tub.
Can do sign language for “more,” “please,” and “help.”
Can point to anyone’s knee.
If you tell him “night night” as you walk out of his room at bedtime, he’ll reply “night night”

Goodness, we have such a sweet boy. 

You’re growing up so fast. Everyday you’re taller, smarter and a better communicator.
You listen, watch and learn with excitement. You love showing us just how smart you are. You instinctively call things out as we pass them. You give kisses now, a lot of them at night before bed and it melts my heart. You love exploring and trying to figure out how things work. Snaps. Zippers.

You hate being told “no” and get quite upset when you don’t get your way. 
You’re independent that way. 
Your love for music is pretty infectious. You bob your head, we all bob our head. 
You constantly amaze me little man. And life with you keeps getting better. 
I love you my sweet boy. 


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