ONE Year Old

He’s O N E.
As my heart explodes with joy, I also want to cry in disbelief. 
There has never been more truth to the quote…
“The days are long but the years are short.” 

This first year, to me, has flown by. They warn you not to blink, boy were they right. 
But as Nick and I talk about this day, we try to put it in perspective… 
Right now he’s still little. He’s still our baby. 
Hudson, happy FIRST birthday my sweet little man! 
This day our lives changed forever and we couldn’t be more grateful, more humbled and more proud of this tiny little human you’re turning into. 
Goodness, you’re only ONE but I feel like you’re going on three. 
You’re so big – walking (trying to run!), talking and showing off this fun personality of yours. 
You’re stubborn, funny, sweet and super friendly. 
You give this life of mine a whole new meaning. 
Hudson Alexander Gernert | Jan 1, 2015 11:29PM | 7.5 oz | 20 in long 


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