Soft Side

Now that I’m a mom, I definitely get emotional a lot easier than I used to. Shocking!
When I saw a little boy get stung by a bee my heart sank.
When I heard Adele’s song Remedy, I about lost it. Thinking of you, sister.
As I think about Hudson’s first birthday right around the corner, I get all sorts of mixed emotions.
And even before that big day it’s my 2nd wedding anniversary with seriously the greatest guy on the planet. Seriously, all I want to do is cuddle in his arms.

But over the weekend, as we were shopping through Publix, Hudson spotted ALL the balloons and he immediately looked at me with excitement in his eyes and says “Bahhh” and I’m like, “Okay, kid, let’s pick out a cool one!” Well Mr. Hudson and that balloon made at least 6 other strangers shopping in that Publix smile. That was a really sweet moment for me when I realized that not only does my kid light up my life, but he’s impacting others, too. Just typing this out I get emotional.

So smile, it’s infectious and we all need it right now.

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