Every so often something cool happens…
I get an email from a reader about how I’ve helped them in some way…
How I’ve inspired someone else to start their own blog OR
A cool company will reach out and want to do something with me…

Take Woodroze for example – a l o c a l sunglass and apparel line that make some really rad things.
It’s even better when you meet the folks and they are so so nice.

I’ve heard about these sunglasses before but didn’t recognize the name. Being a FL girl and having been on a boat umpteen times, floating sunglasses (for me or) for friends/family seem like the perfect gift idea. And they are.

A good friend of ours actually owns a pair and loves them too.

So now I have a pair (er, two) and mostly because I couldn’t make up my mind on just one but also because they are 1) super super lightweight 2) they FLOAT 3) are sustainable 4) uniquely designed

And luckily for you – we’ve got an awesome discount code for you to use 🙂

20% off of any pair w/ code: WORKYOURCLOSET 

I promise you will love these things, or someone you know who loves water will also love them and will surely thank you.

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