NINE Months

Everyday this kid learns something new…
Can shake his head “yes” and “no”
Claps his sweet little chubby baby hands
Dances every time he hears music – even for TV commercials.
Waves hello and good-bye to people, cars and bikes.
Tries to mimic words – I’m convinced that he’s convinced that he can say “puppy” and “truck”
W A L K S in his walker ALL over the house
Huge Mickey Mouse fan
Wears some 6-12 month clothes, but also 12-18 month outfits
Gives mommy kisses (with a slobbery open mouth)
Favorites – rattles, books, library visits and still Daniel the Tiger
Can walk along the ottoman (still not crawling officially)
Kid lovesss pouches and puffs! Well, let’s be honest he loves a l l food.
Bath time in the tub now and he loves it. Bubbles, rubber duckies and a big ol’ whale.
A champ in the car these days (thanks my man!)
Into e v e r y t h i n g – dirt, grass, liquor bottles, outlets, cupboards, kitchen towels… list goes on. #holdingoutbabyproofing
He’s the best hide and seek partner – he giggles hysterically when you find and chase him
Uses his right hand just as much now… we thought we could have had a lefty!
Gets the biggest grin when his dad walks in the room.
20.4 lbs | 29.5 inches

My man,

You’re 9 whole months! Sometimes it feels like it was yesterday when I was 9 months pregnant with you. 
How I wish time would slow down – but as much as I want you to stay this little forever, you continue to surprise me because you get even more amazing with every passing second. 
Just when I thought you’ve done the cutest thing… you do something else. To watch you see and experience something new -life just lights up – for both of us. It’s a whole new perspective that I’m so humbled and grateful to see. 
Your dad and I burst with pride. You’re our little man and we love you more than you’ll ever fully comprehend. 
Let’s go have a fun weekend in Miami, my babe. We LOVE this adventure with you.

Love you,



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