Motherly Musings

To be so upset over split breastmilk but to also be so upset about split formula powder. Guys, it’s not cheap!
Your instagram, twitter and Facebook feeds are all other mom and baby duos and/or super cute kid brands
To get them to understand that shaking their head means “no” even if that becomes a problem down the road. It’s so stinking cute.
To be mad you didn’t take a photo or video at a precise moment, but then to also be glad that you were totally present for it and the phone just had to wait. 
Perspective – my babe is still so tiny… unless you compare him to any other babe his size. 
You have more printed photos than frames. 
Every season and holiday is that much more exciting. Hudson’s first Fall!?! First Halloween?! #candyisformama
To have complete conversations with your little in the grocery store. “This is a banana. You love bananas. Say banana…” #b-a-n-a-n-a-s 
Kissing his face is like breathing to me. 
Was never. ever. a morning person… but I’d gladly take weekend mornings and sit on the couch with my babe, his bottle and Sherif Callie. 
To change your day-to-day to be more available, more present and more there for your family. So utterly and completely grateful for our new set-up. #momlife

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