Eight Months

It’s official – he has two front bottom teeth! 
(We’ve had a couple rough nights, but he’s been such a trooper and so affectionate!)
Loves holding onto daddy’s toothbrush while he brushes his teeth in the morning
Into the whole give it to me, let me throw it and you pick it back up game
Shakes his head no and I think 50% of the time he actually means it
Not yet pulling himself up, but loves to stand at our tuft coffee table and wobble
Does a weird army crawl – one leg gets up and he gives a good push
I swear he says “hi” sometimes 
Thinks the water/ice maker in our fridge is funny 
Getting him dressed, or even putting a diaper on, is becoming a true challenge #fishouttawater
Hair is coming in thick and more blonde #teamconan
Eats a ton of banana, avocado and sweet potato
Tried peaches, peas and apples
Thinks snapping your fingers is hilarious and will even try to do it himself (no joke!)
Daniel the Tiger, Walgreens commercials and Weather updates are his must sees 
Getting smart! Pulling on his monitor cords
Had his first battle wound from a pup (nothing too serious)
Wrestling. With. Dad. Before. Bed.
He’s getting good at mimicking us – laughs right back at us. 
Getting too big for kitchen sink baths – thinking it’s time for the tub and multiple rubber duckies.
We *think* he’s starting to give open mouth kisses. Warning: super slobbery (but I’ll take them!!)
And he knows his name 🙂

You are getting oh so big – I can’t even handle it. 
From your constant movements (kicking, reaching, rolling, army crawling), how you show what you feel through expression, and to new found habits (throwing, tossing, screaming, and laughing). 
You’re eating tons – bananas, avocados and sweet potatoes are still your favorite. But you do great at trying other things like butternut squash and apples. To be honest, I can’t wait for sticky cheerio fingers and the ability to give you a piece of my waffle or cinnamon roll on the weekends. For future reference, you can get your mother anything sweet.
Your dad said this the other night “he’s totally ours. he’s a little bit of you and a little bit of me” and thats so so true. 
We’re convinced you’re left handed and hazel eyed (like dad). I also think you’ll walk with some arm swing like your dad and Gram. We’ve noticed you have rhythm (my side of the family) you bounce your head to music and I think even try to dance when you’re standing up. Your appetite is totally your father and your goofiness is totally me. 

Life is so great with you in it little man – your dad and I love mornings because after sleeping all night we cannot wait to see your cute sleepy face and take on the day as a family.  We’re a total team of three. 

Love you so much my babe. 

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