Motherly Musings

Keep a car stash – diapers and wipes. Lesson learned. 
You know all he wants to do is lay on the floor and kick but all you want to do is hold him.
The subtle glow (aka bronzer) that’s been rubbed off on his face. It’s ok! #hypoallergenic 
You have a drawer full of clothes for him, but you still turn to the go-tos.
Get weirded out when anyone, other than family, kisses your kid.
When your babe falls asleep in your husband’s arms. Heart explodes.
The first time they start reaching for you. Yes! My baby!
To have days where all you want to do is kiss your babe over and over again. 
The first night your baby truly sleeps on his stomach… You truly don’t sleep a wink. 
To be a little sad when you start packing up clothes that don’t fit. #growingupfast #5outfitsaday
Pulling up in the driveway to see your two boys waiting for you in a rocking chair on the front porch is insanely cute. 
Falling more in love with your husband everyday, because well, he does so much and you couldn’t do it without him. 

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