Motherly Musings

The fact you can’t help but stare at your sleeping baby. 
Watching them enjoy things you do – like dipping your toes in the ocean! Priceless.
The moment when they roll over for the very first time. Yes, that really happened.
When they let you get through an entire meal without a meltdown. WIN!
The face you make back when they are giving you the biggest grin. (Truth: you look ridiculous)
To buy all these adorable summer clothes, but end up keeping him in a simple onesie or heck just a diaper. 
2 hour naps are perfect but 3+ hour naps you just want your kid to get up already!
Just when you feel good about a routine the little one throws a curve ball. 
Excepting the fact that no matter how many baths he’s had, or the % of breastmilk vs. formula he’s consumed you still are the perfect mother for him. 


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