I’ve heard horror stories about what happens to women once they have a baby. 

From depression, hormonal imbalances, new found allergies to larger foot size we woman go through a lot. 
The past three months my body has changed a bit. It took me about 10 weeks to fully bounce back and during those 10 I did have some crazy hormonal changes. I would get crazy hot and cold spells that put me out of commission. Besides feeding my baby all I wanted to do is sleep. Turns out I wasn’t taking in more than what I was putting out. The key is to: 
1. Drink way more water than you’re used to. Like crazy amounts. 
2. Don’t skip meals. It’s easy when you have to breastfeed but you need to stay nourished for you and the little one. 
I eat Noosa yogurt with homemade granola and fruit with a cup of freshly dripped coffee and a cup of orange juice for breakfast. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich with some chips for lunch. Fruit snacks or string cheese for a snack. An occasional vitamin water (to mix things up) and for dinner a meat and a veggie. I also keep some crackers and fruit snacks in the diaper bag just in case. 
I’m finally noticing a significant increase in my hair loss. I heard this would happen and thought I skated by unscathed. Thank goodness I have a lot of hair but man, takes shedding to a whole new level. 
3. Brush your hair (I’m terrible at this) but it will prevent your hair from being everywhere. 
Lastly, as things go back to normal maintain the same routine you established before and during your pregnancy. I’m still taking my prenatal vitamins, now a safe contraceptive (since I’m breastfeeding and not in need of another baby so soon), and loving Burts Bees healing ointment for dry skin. I also take two hours a week to go to yoga. It’s great for my body but even better for my mind. 
4. Continue taking your prenatal vitamins and lathering up in your belly balm or vitamin E oil. 
5. Take personal time. Whether that’s a weekly yoga class or a walk around your neighborhood it’s healthy and totally okay to enjoy some alone time. 
And never lose perspective that all of this is temporary. Sore boobs, lack of sleep come with the territory but only for a little while. I remind myself daily and cherish every moment I have. 

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