Motherly Musings

Your kid is indeed the cutest and you will post umpteen thousands photos of him. 

You want to hoard all your babies belongings. Even those pants he never wore since he’s growing so fast. 
You have a baby on board but you still don’t understand the “baby on board” car signs. 
Constantly thinking about new possible inventions – whether for parents or babies. I mean a rocking car seat when the car is stopped is brilliant
The smell of breastmilk will permanently live in your nose. 
Breastmilk is liquid gold. The slightest spill will drive you to tears or completely piss you off. 
You thought you could multitask before? Try baking strawberry muffins while bouncing a car seat on one arm and supporting it with one leg. Or pump one while you breastfeed the other. #truestories 
Baby laundry is never ever done. 
Seeing your husband’s features in your baby will make your heart melt but noticing your features in him is completely and utterly surreal
Your husband gets even more attractive. 
Father of the Bride pt 2 will make you ball your eyes out. “Doctor, these women are my life.” #quewaterworks 
Your camera roll went from 1,500 photos to 8,000 in just two months. 
Even though you are not an expert or fully know what you are doing – you are still the best to soothe, comfort and protect your little one. Dad too. 
Luxuries now include showers, painting your nails, pinning, drafting blog posts and cleaning house. Who would have thought? #momlife 
The stovetop vent makes an amazing white noise machine. 
You’ll watch the baby monitor on your iPad as if it was a new episode of House of Cards. Eyes glued. 
Hey, do you have a motherly musing? Please share! 


  1. 8:30 or 9 is the new bedtime. #parentlife…and then we you actually manage to stay up until 10 or 10:30 for date night and you're NOT exhausted the next day you're secretly so proud of yourself.

  2. Oh, I thought of another one!

    You swear your baby grows in their sleep. When you go to get them up in the morning or from a nap they not only feel heavier but you are certain their limbs are loner.

  3. Love this! When your baby sleeps you feel super proud of yourself, don't you? I also feel you on the breastmilk! Sometimes I get sad when he spits it up! I'm impressed that you can blog still though! You seem like a natural at taking care of your baby!!

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