I know we all have our own idea of what breastfeeding is like… 

There is a constant debate regarding breastmilk vs. formula. 
And typically its an overwhelming “breastfeeding is the best thing ever”

Well, yeah it is to certain extent. I totally get the health benefits for me and him. 
I get the need for bonding time and connecting with your little one…

But no one told me just how painful it was going to be. 
From day two I have used a Medela nipple shield. It’s been an absolute life saver. 
Hudson was quick to latch with the help of that thing and as much I don’t think that it has protected my nipples that much (I still had cracks, bleeding and just general pain) it must have done something. 

My little man, since he’s been born, is constantly hungry. For the first two-three weeks he would feed every two to three hours. I would wince everytime he wanted to eat. Granted the pain lasted the first 45 seconds and eventually went away it’s still a toll on your poor boobs. 

From showers, drying off and figuring out what to wear I’m very much nipple aware. Protecting them and soothing them has been a priority for me. 

By week 5 I started pumping and everything has gotten better. Now my concerns of my nipples aren’t as important it’s having a good milk supply. 

Hudson consumes 5-7oz for each major feeding. Crazy!

Whenever he naps I pump. Whenever Nick has him, I pump. Some days it’s pump or shower… And pumping typically wins. 

So for all the new moms or soon to be moms – breastfeeding is hard and it’s going to suck (literally) for awhile. Not gonna sugar coat it but I will say don’t get discouraged… I promise it will get better. 

Try a nipple shield and you gotta switch boobs. I favored one when the other was too sore, but that eventually makes things worse and most likely your little babe isn’t getting enough milk from just one. 

Remember this stage is only temporary – so you gotta cherish it. 


  1. I think other moms don't tell pregnant women how much it hurts because they either forgot how bad it was or don't want to scare us! It was really really painful for me the entire time and I would get so engorged I couldn't sleep. Pumping gets tiring, too! You are doing a great job! It's soooo rewarding once it gets better though! I'm glad I didn't give up!

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