Our birth story

It started at 5:30am on New Year’s Day. (Photo above was taken 12:34am New Year’s Day! Our last photo before baby) 

After an evening of Shake Shack, sparkling cranberry juice, Cards Against Humanity, and some fire works our lives were about to change. 
I started timing the contractions and anxiously waited for them to be 5-7 mins apart. I told Nick what I was up to after my second trip to the bathroom. We made it a normal morning and slowly got dressed, he ate breakfast and made his yummy coffee and by 9:30am we were heading to the hospital with our bags packed and a mini cooler filled with randomness. 
They got me in a room and totally checked me out. I was indeed in pre labor but I wasn’t dilated enough for them to admit me. So we were told to go back home and to walk it out. Well, luckily we live 2 miles from the hospital but I didn’t walk – I layed on the couch with the Rose Bowl on and continued to time my contractions. Nick wasted no time in trying to de-Christmas our house so we wouldn’t have to worry about it later when we are home with OUR BABY. 
By 1:30 contractions were 3-5 mins apart and much more intense. Any previous thought of doing natural childbirth went right out the window. 
Nick finished up the Christmas lights and we got back in the car and made our way to the hospital. 
I was admitted by 2pm and had an epidural before 3pm. They wasted no time and I was extremely grateful. 
Nick and I watched some movies as I continued to dilated on my own. I was averaging a centimeter an hour with anticipation that this little boy was coming around 8pm. Contractions every 2-3 minutes. 
We started some preliminary pushes to get Hudson in the right spot. I rotated from side to side and pushed. What turned out possibly being an 8pm birth turned into an 11:29pm birth. 
I pushed consistently every 2 mins for 2 hours. Little man wasn’t in the perfect position (facing up) but was so far down the birth canal pushing him out as quick as I could was my only option. 
His heart rate fluctuated a little bit which led me to wear an oxygen mask to make sure he got enough air. For the most part I stayed calm… I followed every direction… Focused on my breathing and pushed with all my might. 
His little hairy head was in view for awhile which was exciting but also disheartening since you would think the rest of him would come quicker. Not the case. 

It’s a surreal moment getting your first glance. Nick followed him to the heated table as soon as he was born. He was a perfect 7lbs 5oz | 20 inches long. He spent an hour on my chest sucking on his fingers and figuring out his eyes. 
Our family came in and we passed him around. He’s sooo loved. 
I know I couldn’t have done it without Nick. He never left my side. He held my legs, watched the contraction monitor and was so encouraging. I was almost in awe with just how amazing he was in the room. He made the experience what it was for me – he and I are a team and I never want to experience elements of life without him. 
Hudson has immediately brought us a new perspective on life… what’s truly important and how amazing it is to be his parents. 
He definitely looks like his father with a touch of Todd – the dimple on his chin is shared with my father, sister and grandmother.  
Everyday he changes some and it’s so crazy to see. His first month of life has flown by which makes the mom in me so sad. He’s already wearing size 1 diapers and weighs over 9.5 lbs. I call him my hungry little hippo. 
We are definitely figuring out this life as a family of three and finally venturing out into the real world. I might be tired but I’m so in love and want to cherish every second I have with this little man and my amazing husband. 


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