New Mom Must Haves

So this is my first rodeo and as much as people want to offer advice and what worked best for them – you gotta just experience it all and learn and adapt as you go. 

I’m convinced we have a pretty well tempered baby who cries at the obvious and can totally chill on his own… But there a few things we’ve quickly learned are necessities – this is our list below: 
Newborn clothes (sets a plus!) – we had only 2-3 newborn outfits and we constantly did laundry. 
Wubba pacifier – easy for them to hold and a great way to buy a couple extra minutes before you have to nurse again. 
Velcro swaddles – Nick does the swaddling and the velcro ones are fool proof, easy to use and keep the little wiggle worm snug as a bug. 
Mittens – after the first scratch or two you’ll never want your babe to be without mittens. Even after you file! 
Boppy (not pictured) – a wonderful pillow he’ll love to sleep in. It’s easy to transfer and doesn’t take up a ton is space. 
Sleep sheep (not pictured) – white noise is great for you and him and it’s easy to move. 
Nursing bras – I have 4 and could probably use more and possibly in a bigger size. 
Nursing pads – buy in bulk! I can’t control these two gigantic things so I always have pads in my bras and/or in my back pocket. 
Mama Bee Body Oil – keeping the areas that are trying to get back to normal well mositurized. 
Full coverage undies – don’t get super nice ones, but new ones feel good and help while you still waddle around the house.  
Nipple cream – start using right away and always have an extra tube on hand. Breastfeeding is so great but also so painful in the beginning. I’m hoping it gets better soon. (Please!) 
Stool softener (not pictured) – makes going #2 not so terrifying, promise. 
Thin maxi pads (not pictured) – a must have for the first couple weeks while you’re still recovering. 
I’m sure this list will change as Hudson gets older, but being home with a newborn these items were critical. 
Can’t believe my little man is gonna be a month old this week! 


  1. I love your list! I cried so much the first month bc my breasts hurt! I couldn't sleep even when baby slept bc they were so engorged! Now, at 2.5 months, it seems so much better! Once their mouths get bigger it hurts less! And the swelling hurts less, too! Hang in there! You're almost past the hard part!!

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